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Increase visibility for your products

Create visibility and awareness for your brand and items among existing and potential shoppers.

Boost engagement with your products

Convince in-market shoppers to buy your items and create more loyal customers.

Increase conversion for your products

Stimulate consideration & purchase intent for your brand and items among potential in-market shoppers.

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'I already saw my sales increase after one week.'

Yves de Rudder, Smophy

'A new article immediately appears in 3rd place in the search results'

Magdy Kandil, marketplace & e-commerce specialist

‘Our sales have tripled as a result of Advertising via bol.com’

Bart Quispel

Advertising via bol.com

Our campaign tools for every objective

Display advertising
  • Uses shopper data from bol.com
  • Effective reach on bol.com and other sites
  • Native banners
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Social advertising
  • Uses shopper data from bol.com
  • Leverages the strength of the bol.com brand
  • Increases engagement and consideration
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Sponsored products
  • Puts your product in the spotlight
  • Works as a booster for your products
  • Reaches an audience with the highest willingness to buy
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