Interview11 July 2022

"The conversion rate of some campaigns doubled."

Elmarc is a wholesaler of electrical household appliances, audio and video equipment and photographic and optical items. Mats Struik, Function Lead Online Marketing at Elmarc, tells us more about their experience with sponsored products.

"Our goal, of course, is conversion," Mats explains. "We are a commercial company, so we want to sell as much as possible. Our big brands, like Brabantia, do get found. But we also sell smaller brands. Especially with those smaller brands, advertising ensures that consumers get to know them."

Works like a doubler

Mats: "The effect of is clearly noticeable in our company. The conversion of a number of campaigns doubled after the use of sponsored products. Sometimes even more. What's more, the number of views on our products is rising enormously and, thanks to the reviews resulting from the conversions, our organic visibility is also improving."

You get specialist help

"Partly thanks to the insight and help of's campaign specialists, things are going so well," explains Mats. "Before we were helped, we were already meeting our targets, but with the help of the specialists, our campaigns on TVs achieved a Return on Advertising Spend of 8 to 9%."

Water dispenser moving up

The added value of sponsored products is evident in more campaigns. Mats: "Before we started with sponsored products we sold a number of water dispensers per week. Now there are hundreds. We are at the top if you search for a water dispenser. That's the power of sponsored products: push your product once it's on that rise, then it goes so much faster."

Know when to be visible

Mats concludes with an important insight: "Research at what time of day most consumers view your article and when they actually buy it. We saw that TVs were viewed a lot during the day. But they were mostly sold in the evening. So make sure you have enough budget to be visible in the evening as well."