Interview21 June 2022

"Our message reaches a larger part of our target audience."

VONROC is a Dutch brand specializing in durable power tools, power tools for garden and patio and related items. Since 2018, they have been a partner of Maico Barneveld, Country Manager at VONROC, talks about how this partnership helps the company achieve better engagement.

Maico: "To improve engagement, we first focus on brand awareness. By placing our articles in the top 10, customers recognize our brand sooner and our message reaches a larger part of our target group. By communicating about the quality and sustainability of our tools, we create a connection with customers who value sustainability. That's the hook we use to increase engagement."

Upward trend

This is how VONROC creates engagement "Engagement is number one for us," explains Maico. "We want repeat customers. By communicating clearly about our items, our customers know what they are buying and we reach customers with an affinity for our durable tools. A result of strong engagement, is good reviews. Those in return provide more visibility and conversion, and that's how you get into an upward trend."

Building blocks

"We build our brand by reaching the right target group with the right message. For example, we are currently testing bidding strategies and keyword strategies that allow us to reach customers who have an affinity for sustainability" explains Maico. "With sponsored products you reach your target audience at relatively low cost, so that's the best place to start."

Keep optimizing

According to Maico, it is extremely important to keep optimizing. Maico: "Even if a campaign is performing well, you need to keep optimizing. If you sit back satisfied, you are lurching and that increases the chance that you will lose organic rankings. After all, sponsored products always contribute to the organic results."