Interview20 June 2022

'Sponsored products helps us to be visible and findable.'

MaxiMondo is part of EDCO, an import and export company for distributors, chain stores, catalog sellers, department stores and retailers. Maximondo focuses on online retail and has been a partner of since 2019. Dries Bruggen and Melissa Lauterslager, online marketing specialists at MaxiMondo, explain how they achieve optimal visibility.

"We mainly sell items suitable for e-commerce," says Dries. "From inflatable swimming pools to bread baking machines. We have our own brands, but also sell well-known A-brands. We do this on various retail platforms, of which is the largest."

Start with the content

Here's how MaxiMondo ensures visibility "Our specialized branding team provides product photos, appropriate product descriptions and titles to all articles," explains Melissa. "And we do keyword research to determine which search terms are relevant. Appropriate visual and textual content is the first step to good visibility."

Top 10

Dries: "We only start with sponsored products when the content is retail-ready. We use sponsored products to place our articles in the top 10 as quickly as possible. It helps us to be visible and findable. By optimizing sponsored products campaigns in the right way, articles are found more than twice as often as normal."

More campagnes, more data

Melissa's most important tip: "Split up your sponsored product campaigns. That provides super useful data. If you put all kinds of different articles together in a campaign, it is not clear which keyword belongs to which product type. But if you run a campaign per product type, your data is much more specific and you can optimize in more detail. That requires a little more work when setting up the campaigns, but it also yields much more."