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Social advertising reaches a broad potential buying audience on Facebook and Instagram. It is a strong campaign tool to engage your target audience with your brand or product. Social advertising lets you benefit of the strong bol brand.

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The advantages of social advertising via bol

Reach new potential shoppers

Achieve maximum measurable reach to a wide audience of potential buyers on Facebook and Instagram.

Connect with in-market shoppers

Reach potential buyers based on interest and intention on Facebook and Instagram.

Make best use of bol shopper data

Tailor each campaign to your target group to reach your goal.

Encourage engagement

Visibility in social media makes your brand top-of-mind and creates engagement with your target audience.

Build on the strength of the bol brand

Ads for your brand are communicated from bol's social media accounts, combining the look and feel of bol and your own brand.

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About social advertising

Do you want to inspire customers with relevant messages? Use social advertising to achieve predefined goals by reaching relevant target groups via Facebook and/or Instagram with an ad. You can get your message across to your potential customers through qualitative traffic from a social media context.

With advertising on Facebook and Instagram we generate quality traffic to bol for advertisers. You use this in the way that suits your objective. For example, do you want to generate more visibility for your brand or article? Then we focus on achieving maximum reach among your potential target group. We do this by means of impressions.

You use social advertising to bring brands, articles or promotions to the attention of the relevant target group. By using social advertising you ensure greater visibility and more views on your landing page. You will probably get more views on your articles.

We have overarching strategies for Advertising via bol. Within these strategies you can use different forms of social advertising. For example, do you want to be visible to a broad target audience? If so, we apply a strategy that maximizes your visibility within a broad potential buying audience. You are likely to get more views on your articles that way.

The ads are shown on the Facebook and Instagram page of bol. Through these channels, potential customers are led to the platform of bol. In this way, potential customers come into contact with your articles and brand.

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