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for your products

  • Convince in-market shoppers to buy your items, buy more often, and spend more

  • Reach potential buyers with the highest willingness to buy

  • Create more loyal customers & brand growth

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Boost conversion for your products

Every day, millions of shoppers visit bol with the intention of buying. With 34 million products available, it is important that your products are spotlighted, so they can be found easily by your target audience. The goal is to convince in-market shoppers to buy your items, buy more often, and buy at higher value. We know what your potential customers are searching for, what they click on, what they look at, and where they are on bol. Our advertising solutions driven by shopper data reach them with the right message at the right time and place — both on bol and beyond.

of searches
start on a retail platform
29 billion
in 2026
accelerates rapidly to European Retail Media Market
13 million
customers reached
per month
is by far
the largest online retailer

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of advertisers who preceded you

'Sponsored products helps us to be visible and findable.'

Melissa Lauterslager & Dries Bruggen, MaxiMondo

"Our message reaches a larger part of our target audience."

Maico Barneveld, VONROC

"The conversion rate of some campaigns doubled."

Mats Struik, Elmarc

Display advertising
  • Uses shopper data from bol
  • Effective reach on bol and other sites
  • Native banners
Display advertising
Social advertising
  • Uses shopper data from bol
  • Leverages the strength of the bol brand
  • Increases engagement and consideration
Social advertising
Sponsored products
  • Puts your product in the spotlight
  • Works as a booster for your products
  • Reaches an audience with the highest willingness to buy
Sponsored products

'How do you end up in the shopping cart?'

Tens of thousands of partners offer their items on bol. And everyone wants the attention of the consumer. How do you make sure you sell your item, instead of your competitor? Simply put, this revolves around 3 things: visibility, engagement and conversion. Would you like to know everything about conversionon bol and what this could mean for you? Read the Dutch whitepaper 'How do you end up in the shopping cart?'.

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