Display advertising

Display advertising shows your product to your target audience via banners on bol or elsewhere.

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The advantages of
display advertising via bol

Wide, frequent coverage

Display campaigns achieve maximum measurable reach among a broad potential audience of buyers.

100% visibility

Unlike other media platforms, on bol you only pay for 100% visible impressions.

Reach potential buyers with the highest willingness to buy

Display advertising influences search, click and purchase behaviour of our customers.

Make best use of bol shopper data

Tailor each campaign to your target group to reach your goal.

Reach your target audience outside bol

Increase the effective reach of your products within your target group on bol and other websites.

Real-time insight into your campaigns

See the success of both your on- and offsite campaigns through a real-time dashboard.

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About display advertising

Display advertising approaches the right target audience in a highly focussed way to get insight into the results of your campaigns. The target audiences offered are always relevant and you benefit from bol.com's strong brand in combination with actionable insights.

We have overarching strategies for advertising via bol. Within these strategies you can use different forms of display advertising. Ways in which you can use display advertising are for example via onsite, offsite, in-app or you can even choose a position on the Media Homepage (MHP).

Display onsite reaches the target audience for your product or promotion while they are shopping on bol via native banners in the bol.com look-&-feel. Clicks are redirected to the desired landing page or product page. The (post)click and view behaviour on bol is then comprehensively visualised.

Display offsite is one of the ways you use display advertising. You have the choice whether the banners are in the bol look & feel or in your own style. The banners do not always have to be in bol style, but this is possible. You choose!

Different types of display advertising deployment have different objectives and thus different expected results. For example, do you choose an objective in which you want to gain more market share? Then you look at the CTR and number of conversions.

The strategy you use in display advertising depends on your objective. For example, do you want to achieve more conversion? With display advertising you can very well target the potential buyers with the highest willingness to buy. You can choose from different objectives: more visibility, more engagement or more conversion. We are happy to help you choose a suitable objective!

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