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Welcome to bol.com Retail Media. This is the place to learn more about advertising opportunities through bol.com. Because together we are changing retail to make everyday life easier.

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We give you direct access to data from more than 11 million Dutch and Belgian customers. Our advertising solutions driven by shopper data help you make an impact on your target audience. We stand for reliable service on a quality platform with smart services and easy functionality. As a partner of bol.com, we provide you with opportunities to accelerate the growth of your business. Join us to make data-driven impact on millions of shoppers.

The bol.com Retail Media team

Working together for the best result

Joris Scheepens
Chief Platform Officer

Stefan Brzozowski
Director Commerce

Justin Sandee
Director Commercial Development

Jan Warmolt Bödeker
Lead Sales Retail Media

Michelle Theeuwen
Lead Sales Retail Media

Marc Liem
Marketing Manager

Simone Hamers
Marketing & Communication Specialist

Juliette Eijsvoogel
Retail Media Consultant

Kas Seijkens
Retail Media Consultant

Ken Eeldert
Retail Media Consultant

Paul Koole
Retail Media Consultant


We’re always improving for you. Here’s what we’re planning this year.

Q1 2023

Within the SDD, advertisers receive advice on how to optimize their existing sponsored products campaigns.

We will do this through 'My Assortment' within the SDD. This will show an advertiser which items are or are not suitable to advertise.

Across the platform by exploring new positions.

Improving the relevance of sponsored products across the platform.

During this webinar on 23 March from 11.00 - 12.00, our experts will tell you why using sponsored products is good for your business. You will hear which strategy is best for you and they will give tips & tricks.

Go to the Partner or Supplier platform to register.

Q2 2023

With the current design of single endpoints to retrieve campaign performance the lead-time to retrieve all campaign performance is not acceptable for several clients. With the introduction of a new endpoint to retrieve a report of the campaign performance for all campaigns this blocker is removed.

Based on the experience and feedback of our current API consumers we put a lot of effort in the clarification and reliability of our API.

Visit the Partner or Supplier platform for more information.

The Share of Voice report gives you insight into your campaign's share of impressions and clicks compared to other advertisers in a given period. The report will be available at search term and category level. It will become available first via the Advertising API.

Agency advice

Don't have time to set up your campaigns yourself? Or would you like someone to help you? Our agencies give you advice on how to sell efficiently via bol.com - whether it is about putting your product information online or mapping out your strategy. We have selected a number of agencies that can help you with this!

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